Cézanne 2

Paris, 1908. Two years after the death of Paul Cézanne, a portrait of Émile Zola, painted by the master, is found in front of the Panthéon. A few blocks away, a triple murder is committed in a restaurant. The police are certain that the scene of the crime is a perfect reproduction of Cézanne's famous painting, The Card Players. Lalie, a young writer and a friend of Matisse and Picasso, investigates this bizarre case. Who are these assassins, these men of shadow who watch over the young woman? And that vagabond with the haunted eyes, disturbed by the ghost of the fabulous painter – what does he seek?  

Murder, kidnappings, conspiracy, mysterious
 paintings... This novel is a vertiginous intrigue at the heart of Cézanne's work, moving between Paris and Aix-en-Provence, an overwhelming plunge into the world of art and the secrets of creation. 

Released in France September 7th, 2006 (Editions Belfond)

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